Ecological & high-performance cleaning systems

that use 15x less water!

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A new technology, more respectful of your equipment and the environment.

icon.svg+ ECOLOGICALWith its two-phase technology, water consumption is minimal.

icon.svg+ INNOVATIVEUnique 3-in-1 cleaning solution with washing, brushing and drying functions.

icon.svg+ RESPECTFUL A cleaning solution that respects the nature of surfaces without altering them.

icon.svg+ PRACTICALeaning tool for indoor use. Does not flood the space where it is used.

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Our products use 15 times less water than high-pressure cleaners on the market.

Water is an essential resource for today's and tomorrow's society. In order to reduce the likelihood of water stress or even water shortages, many professional sectors have a role to play.

Zellteck has developed an innovative air-liquid technology that breaks up and propels a fluid at very high speed, breaking the jet down into very fine droplets, saving you hundreds of liters of water and ensuring optimum results.

Our solutions combine performance and safety.

Because your needs are many and varied, our systems have been developed to ensure optimum results in complete safety, thanks to hydropneumatic fragmentation.

Our machines are the first high-speed cleaners to use compressed air to spray water and propel droplets at very high speed. As a result, they protect delicate surfaces without water penetrating them - even electrical enclosures!

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